What can you do to add ambience to your Bathroom?

Renovation ! ..... If this is not the answer you are looking then this is the right blog for you. Some easy and small tips can make your bathroom looks bigger and brighter.

How?  By follwoing these simple and less expensive makeover tips.

Theme Colour

Choose a theme colour by dream about how you want to see your bathroom. Choosing the colours from nature with lighter colours will give you a nice and bright look, Go for White as the base colour ti give brightness and wider look to your place. Add another colour may be blue, light brown, light grey to add features of this colour in your bathroom. like Towels, matching bottles, organizer basket/ trays.


Remove all unnecessary, almost empty bottles from your bathroom. Hide the rest of them in the drawers if you have them available. If you don't have any drawers available then you can either

  • Buy small organizer baskets, and organize them nicely using the organizers. Beleive me it makes big difference.
  • Or Buy the vanity mirror with a shelf behind to give you additional space without using any more space around.

Add some Character

  • Shelves - If you have space, mostly everyone has space top of the toilet. Install some shelves to place items that will add character to your bathroom.
  • Candles - Think about the theme and place the candles, one could be at your shelve, another could be near to your bath. The colour of the candles should go with your theme or simply choose black or white pillar candles.
  • Plants - add couple of small plants if you have smaller bathroom, for a bigger bathroom, you can go for one tall plant as well, placed nicely in a plant basket. (Fresh or artificial plants, it is your choice based on how much care you can offer)
    • Towels - choose towels to give colour to your bathroom, Go with your theme colour and choose minimum 500gms as it will give you a good quality in affordable price. If you don't have towel rails then placing the towels in a decorative basket near to a dry place also adds some Waooo factor.
    • Wall Paper - Yes Wallpaper in the bathroom. Search for it and you will find some cool ideas to coverup your boring bathroom walls with some nice textures. Remember choose sometheme that goes with your theme and stays in your theme colour.
    • Bathroom accessories - Soap dispenser, Toothbrush /tooth pate containers, soap dish, rubbish bin. Choose them to go with your theme colour or the simple rule, go with black or white.


    Do you have some useful tips that you want to share?

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